Reserve Practice Space

Reserve Practice Space

Not sure how to reserve space for practicing outside of lessons? Here’s a little help!

Here is the link to reserve UVa gym facilities practice space. You must make an account, but it is free for all users with a valid gym membership (all students have one). See below for a description on the various multipurpose spaces conducive to practicing!

The best places to practice are the various multipurpose rooms in the UVa gyms: the AFC, North Grounds Rec Center, Slaughter, or Mem Gym.


AFC: MP 1/2/3 are the rooms in AFC downstairs. MP 2 is the largest room, and MP 1/3 are slightly smaller. But they are all large enough for the majority of dances. MP 4 is the room where we hold reviews. It is located on the top floor near the track, and has a curved shape.

North Grounds: MP 1/2 is a joint room similar to MP 2/3 in the AFC, however the divider is more often up. MP 1 is larger and therefore better to practice in than MP2. MP3 is located upstairs, by the pool, and is large enough for most dances.

Slaughter: MP 1/2 is another joint rooms, but again the median is often up. They are similarly sized.

Mem Gym: MP1 is a dancing space located behind the office where they swipe your ID, and is roughly the size of MP1 in the AFC. It is often open for booking, but is NOT air conditioned. The other multipurpose rooms in Mem are not dancing spaces.