Welcome to the Ballroom Dance Club at the University of Virginia!

Free Lessons

Join the Ballroom Dance Club at UVA for three weeks of FREE LESSONS!


Newcomer Lessons:

Tuesday (8/29, 9/05, 9/12): American Swing and Foxtrot

@Memorial Gym Multi-Purpose Room (9/5 at student activity building)

From 8PM to 9:30PM

No experience/partner needed! Just bring socks and drop in any time!


Advanced Lessons:

Wednesday (8/30, 9/06, 9/13): International Waltz and  American Tango

@Slaughter multipurpose room 2

Thursday (8/31, 9/07, 9/14): Rumba and Chacha

@Memorial Gym Multi-Purpose Room

From 8PM to 9:30PM


***While this is the advance class, everyone is welcomed to come! Our instructors normally will offer a fast pace intro at the beginning. In the past