Donna Arehart

Donna Arehart is an important mentor of the Ballroom Dance Club. Donna graduated from the McIntire School of Commerce in 1979 and has worked as a CPA; she is currently the CFO of the UVA Alumni Association. She began ballroom dancing in 1995 and now competes as an amateur. She supports the club by providing financial advice, and assisting in interactions with the Alumni Association.

Donna prefers the International Standard dances but enjoys the physical challenge and mental discipline required in all dances. Donna is proud to have served as the Charlottesville USABDA chapter president for five years. Under her direction, the chapter doubled in size and attracted people from across the state to its functions. Donna’s best advice to the club members is to practice, practice, practice; either with someone or without. She cautions that it is difficult to improve unless you put time into dancing outside of the regular lesson times. When competing, remember to maintain good posture and poise on the floor, she said. Your repertoire of steps is meaningless if you can’t stand up straight, dance in time to the music, and smile!