• Come join us for our annual Fall Showcase!

    UVa Ballroom Club is excited to be hosting our free, end of semester showcase Sunday, December 10th at 5 pm in the Newcomb Ballroom.  In addition to routines by our wonderful dancers, there will also be guest performances by the Salsa club and the Swing Club! We can’t wait to see everyone there!


Showcase is Ballroom’s semesterly event where we show our talent to the UVA community! Typically held at the end of the semester in the Newcomb Ballroom, many group and couple routines are performed for the audience. Routines vary in style and skill level, from routines specifically choreographed for our newest members to technically advanced dances. We also host guest performances and hold social dances. If you want a taste of the club to see what you can learn in just one semester, this would be the event to attend!

In order to facilitate the organization of the event, submission of group routines is normally due towards the beginning of the semester. An email will be given out gauging interest in the various routines, and at that time club members will be able to sign up for the ones that they would like to participate in. This allows for an ample amount of practice time before the event, so that groups do not need to have all of their practices last minute.

The event is free to the public.